Transportation Management

Transportation typically represents the largest part of the total logistics cost. Agile Supply Chain will help minimize your total transportation costs subject to your company’s customer service policy requirements.

Agile Supply Chain provides solutions that optimize your transportation operations on seven essential fronts while ensuring service level is optimized:

  1. Shipment planning and management. (ex: shipment frequency planning)
  2. Mode. carrier selection and carrier management. (ex: carrier performance monitoring)
  3. Routing and scheduling. (reduce total route costs. route balancing)
  4. Backhauling and continuous moves. (maximize vehicle utilization)
  5. Vehicle scheduling.
  6. Load planning and management. (maximize the outbound container utilization)
  7. Shipment tracking. (critical component in inventory management and customer response)

What is also unique about Agile Supply Chain is that we strongly believe in combining profitability and social corporate responsibility objectives. At Agile Supply Chain. we are proud to promote green logistics solutions that enable your company to not only achieve profitability goals but also sustainability objectives.  As a result the solutions we offer enable a green-er supply chain that have a positive impact on the environment.