Network Design and Optimization

Agile Supply Chain will help in designing a network that minimizes the total of inventory carrying costs. warehousing costs. and transportation costs…while satisfying customer response time requirements.

With this objective in mind. Agile Supply Chain helps your company answer questions such as:

  • How can we adjust our supply chain network to reach a target customer service level that our market requires?
  • How many warehouses do we need and where should they be located?
  • Which warehouses/manufacturing plants should carry which product and deliver to which customers/warehouses?
  • How much inventory should be carried by each warehouse for each product?
  • Are there opportunities for consolidating resources that have been overlooked?

In order to do this. Agile Supply Chain can help your management team on seven essential fronts:

    1. Supply chain network analysis. (As Is and Future state)
    2. Supply chain network modelling.
    3. Warehouse capacity planning.
    4. Contingency planning.
    5. Network inventory allocation.
    6. Scenario generation and impact analysis.
    7. Develop Action Plans. Project planning. project implementation and go-live support.