Who we are

Agile Supply Chain is a supply chain management consulting company specializing in helping companies enhance their profitability through their supply chain while promoting green logistics solutions.

Our Services

Agile Supply Chain develops implementation based solutions that will help your company in the following areas:

  1. Transportation Management.
  2. Warehouse Management.
  3. Inventory Management.
  4. Network Design and Optimization.
  5. Reporting & Dashboards.

Why Agile

Agility is all about dealing with a change…change in dynamic environments. At Agile Supply Chain, we offer implementation based solutions that:

  1. Address supply chain operational challenges.
  2. Drive results that contribute to our client’s bottom line.
  3. Enable green-er supply chain operations that reduce the company’s environmental impact.

As a result, our client is empowered by running an agile supply chain that is capable to adapt to change (change in the industry, economic cycle, business growth or recovery phase, etc.).

Our advantages

  • We bring supply chain management expertise proven across multiple industries.
  • Proficiency in supply chain IT systems: SAP R3, ORTEC Tactical Routing, WMS Manhattan, JDA TMS.
  • A track record of successful implementations and delivering results.
  • Language skills (French/English) which allows us to collaborate seamlessly with your teams across Canada.

Our difference

  • We do not write reports and go away.
  • We design concrete solutions and recommendations.
  • We ‘roll up our sleeves’ and implement our recommendation and help our client achieve tangible financial results that contribute to their bottom line.
  • We promote green supply chain solutions that help our client achieve their profitability goals while having a cleaner supply chain that has a positive impact on the environment.

Our Approach

Meet our Founder

Mahmoud Attlassy, MSc
Principal, Supply Chain Management

Mahmoud spent over 15 years in the supply chain management field working in industries such as CPG, retail, energy, transportation, consulting and education. Mahmoud’s education background includes two Masters Degrees in the Supply Chain Management field from the University of Lyon, France. He is also bilingual in both French and English.

At Agile Supply Chain, Mahmoud works with small and mid-sized businesses enhancing their profitability through their supply chain by offering implementation based solutions. He has a successful track record in designing and delivering new business processes and supporting technologies.

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